Monday, September 25, 2006

The Mukka Express is a clever stove-top latte and cappucino machine

Bialetti is one of Italy’s largest stove-top coffee maker makers but the Mukka Express (retail price $89) is special even for them. It’s the first stove-top coffee maker with the ability to brew two cups of espresso coffee and froth milk simultaneously.
First, you put water inside the bottom of the cast-aluminum device. Next, you fill the interior basket with coffee and then screw on the top section and pour in milk. Place the contraption on your heat source and after a few minutes the water boils, passing through the coffee grounds. A special valve opens and steams the milk. Finally, everything combines in the top chamber to create your masterpiece.
What you get is two cups of good-tasting cappuccino. It’s a little light on the foam but flavorful and satisfying. Clean-up is pretty simple: There are few parts to wash, dry or lose. And don't worry, non-cow lovers it comes in a plain stainless steel version as well as the one pictured above.

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