Sunday, October 01, 2006

Farmer's Markets Worth the Trip
These two farmers' markets offer unique foods amidst historic settings in cities packed with culture and activity--the perfect recipe for a short escape.

Long before daybreak, trucks rumble down streets and back into loading docks across America. Vendors pull crates of produce and carry them to stalls where they're laid out in colorful mosaics. Rows of iridescent fish lie on beds of crushed ice; bouquets of fresh flowers paint a vibrant tableau. Then the public arrives. Savvy shoppers scurry with a purpose—they know where to go for the best tomatoes, the freshest trout, and the flakiest breads. Newcomers browse the aisles, taking in the sights, sounds, and aromas.
These are America's farmers' markets. Experiencing a revival, more than 3,700 public markets are thriving throughout the country, according to the usda national directory of farmers' markets.
The following two are renowned for offering visitors unique food choices in festive, historic environments. They also happen to be in cities where activities, culture, and restaurants abound, providing plenty to do once vendors pack up their stalls at day's end.

San Francisco:
Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market

Haymarket Square

To find a farmers' market near you, go to the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Services Web site at

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